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Moonbook and Sunbook:  Poems

“Willis Barnstone’s new book is a magnetic miracle that draws the solar and lunar magic of his immense learningi nto the space of marvelous poems. His language joins the mysteries of the sky with the enigmas of the heart in a music unmistakably his own.”

— Andrei Codrescu

Moon Escape  


I  love the moon and so am slapped in jail,

escape, hunted, and, when the bloodhounds

pick up the scent, I’m caught, held without bail

until a trial for lunacy has found

me guilty of moon love and negligence

of normalcy. I loved the new moon once

in Egypt. I am meeting common-sense

Ibrahim, my grave-robber friend who hunts

antiquity, a patriarch and seer

of marketable beauty, who sells the eye

of the small sphinx. We meet and share a beer.

I buy the moon. Cheap. His two wives are pissed.

Enraged he shoots his pistol at the sky,

but I escape, the moon safe in my fist.

A selection from Willis Barnstone’s latest book

Moonbook and Sunbook:  Poems

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